Construction Cleaning

Construction and renovation projects leave behind dust and debris. Hub Cleaners specializes in post-construction cleaning services in Calgary to prepare your space for occupancy.

Post Construction Cleaning
Prepare your newly constructed or renovated space for occupancy with our detailed post-construction cleaning services. We handle the cleanup, so you can focus on enjoying your new space.

Renovation Cleaning
Efficiently remove dust and debris from renovation projects with our renovation cleaning services. We leave your space clean and ready for use.

Basement Cleaning
Transform your basement into a clean and functional space with our specialized basement cleaning services. We address every corner to ensure optimal cleanliness.

Balcony Cleaning
Enjoy outdoor spaces with our balcony cleaning services. We remove dirt and grime, leaving your balcony a refreshing extension of your living space.

Driveway Cleaning
Enhance your property’s curb appeal with our driveway cleaning services. We remove stains and debris, restoring the cleanliness of your driveway.

Tiles and Grout Cleaning
Revitalize tiled surfaces with our professional tiles and grout cleaning services. We eliminate stubborn stains and mold, leaving your surfaces looking brand new.

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